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Art Consignment: Terms & Conditions

Submitting the Artist Sign-Up form does not constitute the beginning of any agreements and will only act as an intake channel. Art submitted in the upload field will act as a sample of the artist work, Co-Space will not use the submitted original artwork or it's likeness without explicit consent from the artist.

If selected, the Co-Space Art Gallery will sell the artworks at a retail price no lower than the agreed upon range specified at the creation of the agreement.  Co-Space and the artist will agree on the gallery's commission set for the retail price of the artwork. Both parties must agree to any change to the retail price or the gallery's commission in advance.

In the event the piece does not sell within the agreed upon time, the artist can choose for the piece to be returned or to renew the contract.


In the unforeseen event of accidental damage or theft of the piece, the artist agrees to not hold Co-Space legally or financially liable. 

We love & respect our local artist! We would love to work with you!

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