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Art Consignment: Contract

The Basics. This contract is to specify the details of an art consignment arrangement between the Co-Space LLC & the artist named in the Your Details section within this document.  The artist agrees to allow Co-Space to sell their piece within the specified timeframes, the artist will not attempt to sell the same piece outside of the agreement. Art on consignment is still considered owned by the artist until sold. 

Pricing & Terms of Payment. Upon the piece selling, the artist will receive 70% of the sale price.  The artist will set their suggested price range in the Your Details section. Payments will be sent to the artist via electronic deposit within 14 calendar days of the sale date to the account information given in the Your Details section. Co-Space is not liable for incorrect information given by the artist resulting in a delayed or misdirected payment. 

Loss or Damage. The gallery shall not be liable for loss or damage to any consigned artwork from the date of delivery to the gallery until the artwork is returned to the artist or purchased.  

Reproduction & Propriety Protections. The artist reserves all copyrights to the reproduction of the artworks. Co-Space may feature pictures of the artwork to publicize & promote but in every such use, the artist shall be acknowledged as the creator and copyright owner of the artwork.  

Duration and Termination of Consignment. The artist and the gallery agree that the initial term of consignment for the artwork will be 60 calendar days and that the artist will not ask for return of the artwork prior to this date unless the agreement is breached by the gallery. After the timeframe has elapsed, the artist can choose to enter into a new agreement to begin the timeframe again. If a new agreement is not created, the artist should collect all unsold artwork within 14 calendar days.  Art not collected by that timeframe will be considered donated to Co-Space and will be listed as “free” for Co-Space patrons to take

Your Details. The information below outlines the specifics of this agreement between the artist and Co-Space. 

we wont be mailing you anything, but banks often ask for an address when we send your ACH payment.

List of artworks on consignment. This gallery acknowledges receipt of the following artworks on consignment.  

It's official! Let's sell your pieces!

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