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Office Hours @ Co-Space

Office Hours is an opportunity for our members and coworkers to book time with different professionals and gain valuable insights into their respective fields.


We ask our members for suggestions of leaders that they would like to see and they have directed us to you.  We would love to make this happen!

This offering is only possible because of leaders like YOU!

This time can help you gain & filter potential new clients or partnerships, offer a great opportunity for content creation and can be an opportunity for you to stretch yourself as a mentor. 

Would you be interested in dedicating a day to host a Co-Space Office Hours?​​


We'll need you to complete the form below so we can have your availability and basic information.


We'll find a date that works for you and once confirmed, we'll begin promoting to our members and co-workers


When you arrive on your Office Hours day, we'll get you all set-up at your choice of one of our working stations.

Contact Info

Scheduling Info

Once a date is confirmed, we will begin opening bookings from 11am - 5pm on the selected day. Please let us know if you would like to adjust these hours.

Last but Not Least...

Upload File
Upload File

Thank you! We'll be reaching out to you shortly!

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